Three ways to become the perfect tenant.


When two people enter into a tenant/landlord agreement, it is critical to set some rules. Some of the key topics include when rent is due, pet policies, noise limits, and parking. Following these rules will allow for someone to be regarded as a good tenant. We’re here to help you become a perfect one.

Nobody is saying you need to become best friends with your landlord, but communication is essential in any relationship. When an open discussion is present, it can be the difference between a good or difficult situation. For example, if you are having an issue with a specific in-home appliance, discussing it with your landlord could potentially land you with a new device in your home. 


Pay your rent on time, and in full. A tenant who continually pays late will have to pay costly late payment fees. Additionally, the landlord would be extremely reluctant to renew this tenant into a new lease. Unless there is an extenuating circumstance not to have your rent paid on time, it is imperative for it to be paid timely. Again, communication is vital in this aspect as well. By letting your landlord know what kind of situation you are in, you can make your way to becoming a perfect tenant. 


Mutual respect between a tenant and landlord go a long way in the journey to be a perfect tenant. You gain respect from a landlord by demonstrating to them that you are an ideal tenant. Things such as keeping your music down, lawn maintained and not misusing appliances will all play significant roles in fostering respect.

These three tips are the foundation of how to be a perfect tenant. To be considered and ideal tenant, it is essential to build and maintain a stable relationship with your landlord.