Lease Only Services

Our ‘Lease Only’ service is perfect for property owners who are comfortable handling maintenance requests and collecting monthly rents but understand that finding a qualified tenant can be difficult and time consuming. In today’s world it is very important to thoroughly screen each prospective tenant’s credit, eviction and criminal histories as well as verifying income and employment before entrusting them with your investment. Sadly, we are often contacted by property owners who have had terrible experiences with tenants or who have found themselves in hot water due to leases (often found online) which turn out to be invalid or that provided them with inadequate legal protection or no binding protection at all. The majority of the time these incidents are entirely preventable had the owner consulted a real estate professional to securely lease their property.

  • Prepare a detailed Comparative Market Analysis tailored specifically to your property enabling you to maximize the profitability of your investment
  • Aggressively market your property and find the most qualified tenant through our extensive three part background check and screening process
  • Provide the legal protection of an executed lease created by the Florida Bar Association
  • Follow-up consultation, advice or referrals should any future incidents arise
  • Secure a signed lease renewal on an annual basis as needed or begin re-marketing your property to potential new tenants at your request