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All adults over the age of 18 who will reside at the property must submit a completed application and $35.00 application fee even if they will not be named on the lease.

All of our tenants must pass a three-part background check. We utilize a third-party screening service that ensures that the following requirements are met by each applicant.

Please be sure that you meet the following criteria before applying.

Credit Score

A minimum credit score of 600 is required.

Criminal History

As a general rule, applicants with any felony record will not be approved. However, the age and nature of the crime may be taken into account by the property manager on a case by case basis with regards to non-violent felonies.

Eviction History

All applicants should be free of evictions for the past five years.

*Additional requirements-Proof of gross household income equal to three times the monthly rental amount is required for each of our properties. Income will be verified with employer or benefits agency. In the case of students and others with difficulty proving personal income the property manager may require a co-signer or guarantor.

Pet Policy

While the majority of the homes Equity manages are pet friendly, it is important to remember that the homes are all privately owned. Each owner has the choice whether or not to allow pets to reside at the property. There may be size or breed restrictions based on the owner’s individual preference or the policies of his or her homeowner’s insurance. For this reason ALL pets that will reside at the property MUST be disclosed at the time of the application. Any future pets must be cleared with the property manager in advance and the associated Pet Fees must be paid.

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